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Social media represents an expansive horizon of potential as well as pitfalls for organizations. The power of individual voices and open communication has radically shifted the nature of relationships amongst people and between people and businesses, brands or institutions. Unfettered voices are reshaping communications; an irreversible trend that cannot be ignored and must be confronted and embraced to enhance and protect your organization and those within your care. Equip yourself to listen effectively, understand efficiently, and engage with confidence.

With literally billions of messages exchanged daily, someone’s talking about you, your products or your people. Where do you even start? Lean2Logix will find whatever conversations and comments are relevant to you and gather them for your action: transmitting immediate alerts when the content is critical, providing on-going analysis on what is being said about topics important to you; or, building a one-stop service for all of your social media needs, offering a full solution to managing your overall success in social media.

Listening with intention = hearing

Hearing SOCIAL

Your social media success is contingent upon getting through the volume of commentary, hearing the things that are important to you, acting quickly and efficiently, and getting results. The right tools and the right skills achieve these goals.

Lean2Logix delivers the expertise to harness the power and shelter you from the storm of social media. A well-architected social monitoring program, with skilled analysts unleashing its full potential, is an essential component of today’s success. Uniquely, to serve your specific needs, our team combines intuitive and highly skilled social media monitoring analysts with true, real-life experts in your sector’s space to apply context to the hearing and achieve fully-rounded monitoring. Lean2Logix blends both dimensions of on-the-ground experience and technical skills to build an intelligent and proactive strategy for your organization.

Our products offer a progressive level of services, allowing you to take action to protect and strengthen your organization.




Alerts - See the lightning and act before you hear the thunder.
Specialized alert service finds critical commentary and sentiment in social media and transmits them directly to the right people for immediate attention.


Assessment – Understand and act on the ever changing winds in social media.
Delivers an on-going and regular review of your social media position and health, exposing emerging trends on the conversation relevant to your organization.


Agency – Your complete haven for all elements of your social media strategy.
Provides your organization with a one-stop service for all of your social media needs: from building the hearing strategy; to conducting the monitoring; and, executing your engagement with the social conversations.


Uses & Sectors

Lean2Logix is dedicated to improving the quality of hearing and discourse on the internet by highlighting, in real-time and over time, the sentiments that exist in the conversations on-line and feeding the right people with actionable information with which to resolve problems or improve performance.


Our products serve the needs of over 200 use cases: from education administrators looking to make their schools safer from bullying or violence; to consumer brands seeking to understand the performance of a new product; or to service companies trying to capture customer issues before they lead to crisis. We customize the Hearing Profile to provide you with the alerts and conversation trends that matter, to accelerate the achievement of your goals.


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Social media has multiplied the immediate power
of individuals, vastly accelerating the winds of change

From the

The world of social media is  changing at lightning speed and ways to harness its power and avoid its risks is a much discussed topic. We will bring you the most up-to-date thinking on managing social media to the benefit of your organization.

  • Royal Caribbean Owning it Royally

    • 05 Jul
    • Super User

    A fire on board a large cruise ship is a serious event but this story failed to erupt into a social media wildfire. There were no line-ups of passengers waiting to tell news organizations of unspeakable customer service or lack of concern for passenger’s health or safety.  The reason has everything to do with how Royal Caribbean was prepared to handle a crisis before, during and after an event such as this, and it would seem they have learned from the past mistakes of others.


  • Social Media and Cyberbullying

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    Protecting Today’s Teens When most people think of social media crises, their minds go to big brands or corporations. Negative messages and the viral tendencies of social media have rendered it a...

  • What Causes a Social Crisis?

    • 24 Jun
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    The more engaged we are in social media and online conversations, the more easily we can see how good intentions go wrong. We may have seen poorly planned marketing strategies go awry, leading to...

  • Communication Works Both Ways: Why Listening Is Important

    • 23 Jun
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    No matter what a company sells to customers, it’s more than just what they say they can do. When a company can show they’re listening to what their audience wants and what they need, that’s when...


Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.


Lean2Logix has a clear goal to help your organization hear the important and building social media commentary that is critical for you to understand. Blending our products to discover the critical and immediate posts, while also hearing the trending and building conversations, is the path to understanding your place in social media. We achieve that with a unique combination of social monitoring expertise and sector experts who understand the context of social media commentary in your domain.


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