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About Us


Successfully managing and mastering social media requires a blend of analytic and technical knowledge, as well as a refined sense of cultural linguistics, communication patterns, and current trends. Our mission is to provide our clients with integrated services to leverage success in their social sales and marketing efforts with an expert knowledge of the intersection between social conversations and business operations.

The Lean2Logix team’s experience comprises a blend of executive level management, refined technical skills, and sales and marketing expertise, including individuals who have intimate knowledge of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We have depth of management, relevant industry experience, and extensive platform competency.

  • Richard Hue

Richard has over 30 years of investment and startup experience. Richard started his career as an investment banker with one of the major US financial institutions and brings years of management and financial experience to the Lean2Logix team. As the founder of Harbour Capital Management Group and former president of RT Equity Inc., Richard has worked to develop, restructure, and expand numerous startups and small companies, including several in the social media monitoring and enterprise SaaS spaces. With an experience-based understanding of both the business and consumer side of social conversation monitoring and online reputation management, he is able to provide a strategic objectivity and appreciation for a seamless integration into existing business operations.

Richard is a customer service fanatic and strives to deliver products tailored to the exact needs of his clients with exceptional service and support. The combination of keen business acumen, and an innate understanding of his clients’ needs enables Richard to lead companies and organizations to both financial and operational success.


  • Rob Ramage

Rob brings over 25 years of leadership in major organizations and intrinsically understands the needs and concerns of businesses when addressing customer relations issues, especially from a senior management perspective. He is the former president of Cara Airline Solutions and, over a 20 year career, held senior-level posts with Air Canada. During his tenure, his team won the Enterprise Excellence category at the Canadian Information Productivity Awards for innovation in airport kiosk check-in technology. Based on his previous roles in the development of customer-facing innovation, leading large & complex operations, the development of new standards in service performance management, or leadership of a central customer relations bureau, Rob speaks the language of customer service and crisis management for corporations and has integrated it into the very core of Lean2Logix, ensuring that it is tailored to the specific needs and goals of today’s businesses.


  • Donna Burgess
    Vice President of Client Relations

Donna Burgess is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in complex, customer-facing industries. She is distinguished by her passion for excellent customer service, her focus on collaborative team-building, and her commitment to meeting customer and market demands. Donna is a former Vice President within Cara Operations; Canada’s largest full & quick service restaurant and catering operation, with over 750 restaurants and above $1.5B in revenue and 85% market share in airline catering operations. She was the leader of the marketing and customer service function in Airline Solutions, across national operations and directly responsible for over $200M of turnover and customer satisfaction. In her strategic role, Donna demonstrated her skills in identifying and executing critical success factors in business innovation and growth. She is a former Director at Air Canada in various capacities, including the responsibility for all in-flight customer service standards, safety, procedures, training, and development of new premium products; delivering internationally renowned standards and service levels. Donna has gained international development experience throughout her career with Cara, Air Canada, and senior positions held working in Eastern Europe.


  • Mark Vange

Mark has nearly 30 years of experience as a technologist and entrepreneur. As a teenager, he founded his first company, Vanguard Consulting, and was already breaking new ground innovating technologies for major corporate customers like Global Television and Ontario Hydro. Through his experience in the video game industry, Mark lead the development, as CTO of EA Games, of a unique network technology used to facilitate massively multiplayer online (“MMO”) games over the Internet. The technology has flourished and is now being used not only for entertainment products, but also for military and homeland security applications. In 2004, Mark began the work that included the creation of novel tools and processes that allow for the cost effective and rapid porting of applications between various mobile telephony platforms. Mark has authored some 18 patents and has contributed to the publication of several hundred products over his career. He has also been an advisor to several private and public companies, as well as a number of investment funds. He brings expertise in technology-enabled community building and business operations.