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Royal Caribbean Owning it Royally

A fire on board a large cruise ship is a serious event but this story failed to erupt into a social media wildfire. There were no line-ups of passengers waiting to tell news organizations of unspeakable customer service or lack of concern for passenger’s health or safety.  The reason has everything to do with how Royal Caribbean was prepared to handle a crisis before, during and after an event such as this, and it would seem they have learned from the past mistakes of others.


Social Media and Cyberbullying

Protecting Today’s Teens

When most people think of social media crises, their minds go to big brands or corporations. Negative messages and the viral tendencies of social media have rendered it a powerful online force that companies would be mistaken to ignore, but negativity on social media has an impact on the individual level as well. Cyberbullying has become an increasingly prevalent issue, and with tragic and highly publicized stories of teens taking their own lives, parents and administrators are recognizing the need to predict, prevent, and cope with the bullying students are facing online and through social media.

There is no question that cyberbullying and online harassment are taking a toll on the younger population. One-third of students who were bullied online reported symptoms of depression, and that number rose to almost half for those who were bullied both on and offline.

What Parents Need to Know

Many teens will hesitate to report issues of cyberbullying to a parent because they are worried about losing internet or cell phone privileges. Parents should sit down with children early on to establish a response plan to cyberbullying, i.e. walking away from the chat room/site/etc and immediately notifying an adult without embarrassment or fear of penalization.


What Causes a Social Crisis?

The more engaged we are in social media and online conversations, the more easily we can see how good intentions go wrong. We may have seen poorly planned marketing strategies go awry, leading to disastrous consequences for a company, a person, or a brand.