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Weather Vane

Understand the emerging trends and conversations in social media that have direct impact on your organization. On a weekly basis, receive an in-depth analysis on the topics and sentiments that you need to hear, to avoid building issues or leverage growing opportunities.

Weather Vane will:

  • Deliver weekly reports containing the essential elements to understand activity in social media that has a direct impact on the performance and health of your organization.
  • Provide a social media executive summary with trending sentiment, topic volumes, the major sources of opinion and identification of alert-level commentary.
  • Drill down on conversation volumes and the keyword threads.
  • Create an analysis of the media types and a ranking of the sources of conversations on specific topics relevant to your organization.
  • Deliver intuitive and easy-to-interpret graphical representation of the dominant conversations in social media, relevant to your customized Hearing Profile.
  • Build timelines showing the peaks of relevant chatter within social media and analysis on what is driving the conversation trend.
  • Highlight specific commentary that is considered urgent for your attention and action, including potential engagement to handle the commentary.