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Full Shelter

For dealing with the world of social media, fill the gaps within your organization and acquire the services of seasoned professionals to provide an end-to-end solution. Take advantage of a cost-effective and flexible approach to quickly build and execute a social media strategy to provide cover for your organization.

Full Shelter will:

  • Provide guidance on what you should be listening for and hearing across our many Uses and Sectors, in support of your organization’s goals.
  • Recommendations and execution of social media approaches in support of specific campaigns and requirements.
  • Establishment of the Hearing Profile for the Lightning Rod and Weather Vane products to capture critical social media traffic, in both real-time for immediate action and in a reporting cycle that allows you to understand emerging trends.
  • Assessment of commentary in social media and recommendations for response and engagement strategies.
  • Engagement initiatives including direct responses to specific people in social media and a broader approach to your target social media audience.
  • Development of your social media footprint, building focused plans and executing the desired strategy.