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Lightning Rod

Immediately discover the critical conversations taking place in social media that you need to understand. Based on the key sentiments that Lightning Rod is configured to track on your behalf, you will receive automatic alerts of any critical commentary taking place.

Lightning Rod will:

  • Deliver constant monitoring of the social media universe to discover and immediately deliver critical posts.
  • Send an immediate text or email alert directly to the right person in your organization.
  • Bring the key data right to your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • With geo-location data available, pinpoint critical commentary to its precise position, filtering commentary to meet your location-specific needs.
  • Provide concise presentation layouts to quickly scan and understand the nature of the captured commentary.
  • Drill down into commentary history and connections to paint a complete picture on sentiment and activity.
  • Easily forward the critical posts to others who need to be included.
  • Communicate directly with the author of the commentary.
  • Identify key persons of interest whose commentary you are interested in understanding.